M18 Limerick Southern Ring Road

Could open : 2020 Status : Very Likely
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Redesignate as Motorway : 8.5 km

A HQDC bypass of Limerick was completed in 2010, with the opening of the second half of the Limerick Southern Ring Road, which incorporated twin road tunnels under the River Shannon. This project was known as N7 during planning and construction, but opened as N18. It's clear that the N18 is meant to run from east of Galway to the M20/M7/N18 at Rossbrien. Due to the Limerick-Shannon route being part of Euroroute E20, it is also clear that the low standard N18 northwest of Limerick as far as Shannon will eventually need to be upgraded to motorway, but this is discussed elsewhere. In addition, the M18 is being extended from Shannon to Galway, and there are plans to extend the M20 from its terminus south of Limerick all the way to Cork.

In order to match this standard, the N18 Limerick Southern Ring Road will need to be redesignated motorway so as to extract maximum value from the infrastructural investment. No changes would be needed; non-motorway traffic can continue to pass through Limerick, as is used to do.

Please give your opinion on this road proposal. Rate it out of 10, and whether you think the standard (road width) is appropriate.

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Origin M7/M20 (Rossbrien) Interchange
Terminates N18, Ennis Rd
Places Served Limerick
Routes Spawned -
Intersects M7, M20

MAP OF M18 :