M18 Limerick Southern Ring-Hurler's Cross

Could open : 2030 Status : Likely
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Motorway : 12 km

Between Galway and Limerick, the Atlantic Corridor project aims to provide for a motorway from Tuam, northeast of Galway, as far south as Cork. When the section between Galway and Limerick is complete, the older Limerick to Hurler's Cross section, dualled in the 1980s, will require significant attention to bring it up to motorway standard. The upgraded section would start at the Limerick Southern Ring Road junction. About half of the alignment is fine, only needing a parallel service route, diversion of frontage access to the service route, and closure of the median. The diversion south of Bunratty would need to go offline due to excessive curves. Some of the poor quality grade separated junctions would need work too.

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Origin South Ring junction northwest of Limerick
Terminates N18/N19 Hurler's Cross junction, east of Shannon
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