National Primary Route 8 Traffic Counts

Sources: TII Traffic Data and now-defunct NRA Traffic Count Data. More counters.


The Fermoy Bypass opened in 2007 and covers the counters Watergrasshill/Rathcormac/Corrin/Moorepark. The rest of the sections (from Michelstown Bypass onwards) opened from 2007 to 2010. They are still showing low traffic levels but strong growth.

Show notes on counter locations

Dunkettle N08-4A : N8 south of N25/N8 interchange
Glanmire N08-4B : N8 at Glanmire/Glasaboy overpass
WGrasshill BP N08-5 : N8 on Watergrasshill bypass
Watergrasshill-Rathcormac M08-12 : M8 Fermoy Bypass between Watergrasshill & Rathcormac interchanges
Rathcormac-Corrin M08-11 : M8 Fermoy Bypass between Rathcormac & Corrin interchanges
Corrin-Moorepark M08-10 : M8 Fermoy Bypass between Corrin & Moorepark interchanges
Mitchelstown Bypass North M8-8 : M8, 2km north of Interchange 13
Cashel North M8-7 : M8 north of Cashel bypass
Thurles South M8-6 : M8 betweeen N75 and N62 interchanges
Culahill M8-4 : M8 South of Culahill interchange
Springfield M8-32a : M8 south of M7/M8 split

Dunkettle (Cork, N8/N25/N40 junction)

Dunkettle - Year on Year Growth

Glanmire (North of junction 19)

Glanmire - Year on Year Growth

Watergrasshill (South of junction 17)

Watergrasshill - Year on Year Growth

Mitchelstown North (South of junction 13)

Mitchelstown North - Year on Year Growth

Cullahill (South of junction 3)

Cullahill - Year on Year Growth