National Primary Route 4 Traffic Counts

Sources: TII Traffic Data and now-defunct NRA Traffic Count Data. More counters.


Traffic on the N4 immediately to the west of the M50 junction is very high, though recent data is not available. In 2006 the count at the Dead Man's Inn, a couple of hundred metres out from the M50, was above 80,000, while figures in the 50s were found in 2002 a junction or two west of there. By 2013, Dead Man's Inn had increased to nearly 100,000.

A little further out, a marked drop of around 10,000 vehicles is noted across the busy Maynooth interchange, as the count falls from 50k to 40. The only widening that could ever be needed on the M4 for the forseeable future is from Leixlip, where the 6-laning currently peters out, eight kilometres westwards to Maynooth. The counts for Kilcock-Enfield and Enfield-Kinnegad apply to a tolled segment, and distance from Dublin and the public's taste for paying motorway tolls shows its magnitude, which lies in the low 20s. (The sections around Kinnegad were measured on the old N4 until 2007, when they were replaced by new counters on the M4).

The generously-specced Mullingar bypass, a grade-separated dual carriageway, has seen its numbers rise from a low-teens average before 2005 to the low 20s thereafter, when the rest of the M4 opened to the east.

Finally, closer to Sligo, the Longford and Dromod/Rooskey counts are inconsequential and single-figured.

Show notes on counter locations

Note that Griffinstown and Clonard, being bypassed in 2005, are dropped out from 2007 onwards with M4 data.
Dromod N04-18 : N4, Western end of Rooskey bypass
Rooskey N04-18 : N4, immediately southeast of Rooskey
Longford N04-21 : N4 at eastern end of Longford bypass
Mullingar N04-28 : N4 on Mullingar bypass west of Delvin rd Interchange
KinnegadWest M04-31 : M4 west of Kinnegad interchange
Griffinstown N04-31 : N4, 3km west of Kinnegad (Old route)
Enfield Kinnegad M04-32 : M4 between Kinnegad and Enfield interchanges
Clonard N04-32 : N4, 2km west of Clonard (Old route)
Kilcock-Enfield M04-33 : M4 between Kilcock and Enfield interchanges
Maynooth West M04-34 : M4 between Maynooth interchange & Kilcock end of motorway
Maynooth East M04-35 : M4 between Celbridge and Maynooth interchanges
LucanSpaHotel N04-37 : N4, East of Leixlip/Celbridge Rd (R403) interchange
Lucan Esker N04-39 : N4, between R120 (Newcastle Rd) and R113 interchange
Dead Mans Inn N04-40 : N4, between Liffey Valley complex and N4/M50 interchange

Dead Man's Inn (East of Junction 2)

Dead Man's Inn - Year on Year Growth

Maynooth East

Maynooth East - Year on Year Growth

Maynooth West

Maynooth West - Year on Year Growth


Mullingar - Year on Year Growth


Kilcock/Enfield - Year on Year Growth

Longford East

Longford East - Year on Year Growth