N3 New Dunsink Lane Junction

Could open : 2025 Status : Unlikely
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In 2010, a newly upgraded N3/M50 junction was opened. This complicated arrangement passes the N3 mainline around to the north and east of the old roundabout junction. Upon reaching the Dublin side of the interchange zone, however, straight away the N3 hits a traffic light junction. This will cause more and more queuing as traffic volumes increase over the coming years.

The proposed junction is a simple overbridge arrangement to connect Auburn Avenue directly with New Dunsink Lane. Tight, simplified loops circulate traffic on and off the bridge and onto the mainline. A small realignment of the Old Navan Road will be necessary in order to get it onto a new, expanded roundabout to the south. The overbridge gradient won't be a problem to the north since it can simply be an extension of the existing railway and canal overbridge, but a sharp decline would be necessary in order to get down from bridge level to the proposed new roundabout to the south.

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Neighbourhood Castleknock
Intersecting Streets New Dunsink Lane, Auburn Avenue
Junction type Diamond
Cross section Dual
Number of through lanes 4
Motorway restrictions No