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Could open : 2025 Status : Very Unlikely
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Redesignation to Motorway : 8.4 km (with more in N.I.)

The N1 Dundalk-Newry scheme opened in 2007. It was built to full motorway spec and bridged a crucial cross-border winding gap. It was not designated motorway, ostensibly because agreement was not forthcoming from the Northern Ireland authorities and it was not possible to redesignate our section if they were not going to match it. In addition, it is arguable that the original route was so low quality that all traffic, not just that permitted on a motorway, should use the new road.

The arguments in favour of redesignation are that a parallel access road exists, though some parts are very low standard, and that it is right for the main road between the island's two largest cities to be a full motorway. The Newry Bypass rebuild, completed in 2010, is motorway spec also, and there is a need for an offline new motorway between north Newry and the A1/M1 junction at Sprucefield.

Since agreement to all this would be needed from N.I., and some changes would need to be made on their end, the likelihood of this change occurring soon is therefore slim.

The upgrades to the parallel route to bring it up to an appropriate standard are marked in yellow on the map below (try switching to the satellite view to see them better.)

Update Feb 2017: In the light of Brexit, there is now a possibility that a customs check may be imposed on this border crossing. Even if this doesn't happen, with this border becoming an EU external border it is doubtful whether motorway classification could be envisaged, so I am assuming the proposal on this page is dead in the water.

Please give your opinion on this road proposal. Rate it out of 10, and whether you think the standard (road width) is appropriate.

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Origin North of Dundalk
Terminates South of Newry
Places Served Newry, Dundalk
Routes Spawned A1 (Northern Ireland)
Intersects -